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Livy Protect: From Humidity Meter to Smart Air Monitor

Better sleep, higher concentration, improved overall well-being - these are just a few of the benefits of a healthy indoor climate. With the Air Monitor from Livy Protect, you can always keep an eye on the air quality in your home. The smart Livy App tells you when your indoor climate is just right or when it is time to air out your premises.
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Better breathing: How your indoor climate affects you

These three aspects are particularly important for a good indoor climate:

Air Quality

The air quality in your home is influenced on the one hand by the people who live in it: exhaled air, metabolic products, volatile organic compounds - they all affect air quality. But also vapors from furniture and carpets, cigarette smoke, cleaning agents and more, influence the valuable air we breath. If the air quality in your home is not healthy, it can sometimes be recognised by symptoms such as headaches, sleep disorders, irritation of the respiratory tract and reduced concentration.

Air Humidity

Depending on the room, the optimum air humidity is between 40 and 60 percent. In the kitchen, cellar, and bathroom, it can be a little higher. While air that is too dry irritates the respiratory tract, air that is too moist can lead to mold growth. Early detection of air that is too dry or too moist air is very important!

Room Temperature

Your room temperature should be around 20 degrees. Of course your personal comfort also plays a role. Important to know: The warmer the room, the lower the humidity should be.

How the Air Monitor helps you achieve the perfect indoor climate

The Air Monitor combines a humidity meter, an air quality sensor and a temperature sensor - directly linked to your Livy App via WLAN. So the Air Monitor is a smart home air quality solution that lets you see all three components at a glance. Unlike a conventional indoor climate measuring device, the Air Monitor evaluates the measured values itself and reacts accordingly. 

The smart humidity meter in the Smart Ring sends a push notification when the humidity level is no longer ideal. At the same time, the integrated smart home thermometer transmits the current temperature via WLAN, and the air quality sensor - in addition to smart smoke detection - warns you of critical values that could affect your concentration or health.

What the Air Monitor from Livy Protect can do for you:

  • Performs constant measurements automatically

  • All important data clearly displayed in the app

  • Battery only needs to be charged once or twice a year

  • Push messages as soon as action is required (e.g. ventilation)

  • Better indoor climate for health, good sleep and general well-being

Now New: The Healthy Air Guide From Livy Plus
Our sensors in the Livy Smart Ring quantify your air values through regular and precise measurements. 
Our intelligent app evaluates the data and shows you when your air quality looks great or needs improvement.
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What else Livy Protect can do

The Air Monitor is much more than just an indoor temperature and humidity meter - it is a complete smart home system for air quality. But that's not all: Livy Protect combines the Air Monitor with the following additional Smart Home functions: 

Intelligent smoke detection: With the help of the integrated smoke detector, the Smart Ring alerts you if smoke is developing in your house or apartment - even if you are not at home at the time.

Smart burglary protection: The Smart Ring also includes a motion detector that connects via WLAN to your Livy App. Therefore, you can protect your home while you're on the go and respond quickly in an emergency.

Conclusion: Monitor the room climate, detect smoke development or track unusual movements - via WLAN your Livy App always keeps you up to date. You are well protected with Livy Protect.

The Smoke Detector From Livy

With Livy Protect, you get a smoke detector that reliably detects fire smoke and fulfils all legal requirements.

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The Livy Protect Combination

The two-part system - smoke detector connected with Smart Ring - reliably warns you of smoke development.

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Smart Burglary Protection

With Livy Protect, a simple motion detector becomes a smart home alarm system that immediately informs you in case of any unusual movements - no matter where you are.

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Livy Protect for 0,- Euro*

Now exclusively for Vattenfall customers: When you sign an electricity or gas contract, you will receive Livy Protect for 0,- Euro*.

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*If you sign a Natur24 or Easy 24 Energy Supply contract with Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH, together with a sales contract for a Livy Protect alarm device, you will receive the Livy Protect alarm device for 0 € instead of the 180 € purchase price, if the energy supply contract is for at least 24 months. if the energy supply contract is for at least 24 months. You can find further conditions and information on our website vattenfall.de