Start your day off on the right foot. 

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The Healthy Air Guide from Livy Plus

You strive to provide the healthiest home for yourself and your loved ones. The Healthy Air Guide in the Livy App can lead you to your goal. Whether it’s the best temperature for a restful sleep or the right humidity levels for allergy sufferers, the Healthy Air Guide evaluates the measured values from the Livy Smart Ring and gives you useful tips for action.

How the Healthy Air Guide works

Our sensors in the Livy Smart Ring quantify your air values through regular and precise measurements. 
Our intelligent app evaluates the data and shows you when your air quality looks great or needs improvement. 

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Get a good night's sleep
Many of us suffer from insomnia or feel tired in the morning. One of the most important factors that is almost always overlooked is air quality. 

Poor air quality can lead to headaches and a restless sleep. Bad sleep often means lesser productivity, and harmful cycle can begin. The Healthy Air Guide helps you to establish a healthy sleep routine. 
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Better air for allergy and asthma sufferers
If your children or others suffer from asthma and allergies, air quality is particularly important.

With millions of particles in the air, the Healthy Air Guide will keep you informed when your air quality becomes too dangerous, or if you simply need to air out your room. Therefore, you can work on preventing asthma attacks and building healthy routines.
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Increase your productivity
Nothing can waste your time and ruin good productivity like poor air quality. 

With our Smart Home technology, we provide you with detailed information about the air values in your room and let you know when you need to air it out. Therefore, you can always keep your head clear and those productive moments can stretch to hours. 

3 precise air sensors in the Livy Smart Ring

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Make sure that your home is always the perfect temperature - day and night.


The ideal humidity protects you from both colds and mold.

Air Quality

Fight tobacco smoke and other odors to create a healthy indoor climate for your home.

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Healthy Air Guide: Easy-to-Read and
Not only can you see all of your important air quality values on one easy-to-read page, but you will also get push notifications if your any of your values aren't optimal.

With our 24-Hour History, you can access your measurement history and with real-time data, see how your actions are affecting your indoor environment. 

That way, you can form a regular routine to keep you and your family healthy and productive. 

Now exclusively with Vattenfall

In a Vattenfall electricity & gas contract, you will get a Livy Protect and access to the Healthy Air Guide and other Livy Plus features for free. Discover the nature-friendly tariffs from Vattenfall now.

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