The Livy Guide

The Smart Home Guide for a smart and safe home. Here you can find information and tips on the following topics: fire protection, burglary protection, a healthy indoor climate, and homeowners and renters insurance.
IoT vs Smart Home

Not sure what the difference is between the Internet of Things and Smart Home? Read more about it here.

Locksmith Tips

What do locksmiths cost - especially at night or on weekends? How to get into your home or find a reputable provider? Find out here.

Neighbors Helping Each Other

How well do you know your neighbors? How does being good neighbors affect our lives? We tackle these questions in depth.

Homeowners and Renters Insurance

What is actually home owner's and renter's insurance? Here you can get information and learn more about our new service: Home Cover from Livy Plus.

Ideal Indoor Climate

How important is a good indoor climate? The indoor climate not only affects your well-being, but also your health. Read the best tips here.

Tips For Burglary Prevention

Every 2-4 minutes in Germany there is a burglary and the loss of valuables is usually not the worst part. How can residents protect themselves? Which tips should residents follow? And how useful are smart alarm systems really?

Smoke Detector Requirement

Where are smoke detectors in Germany mandatory? The regulations vary from state to state. Find out more here.