Locksmith in an Emergency: These Tips Protect You From High Costs

One step outside, the door pulled shut - bang, that's when it happened: You've left the key inside and locked yourself out. Now only the locksmith can help. Even worse is the following scenario: You come home in the evening and cannot find your key. Has it been lost? Could it have been stolen?

People who cannot get into their own apartment will usually get nervous. No wonder, because calling an emergency locksmith is often associated with anxiety: What do locksmiths cost - especially at night or on weekends? Is the locksmith allowed to let you into the house or apartment at all? How do you make sure that you get in touch with a reputable provider? You can find the answers here. 
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What can a locksmith charge? 

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In an emergency, often the first question is: How much does a locksmith cost? How expensive a locksmith service is naturally depends on the provider and also on the situation and time of day. According to the consumer advice centre, the costs for a locksmith during the day on work days should be between 70 and 120 euros. At night or on weekends there may be a surcharge. However, high three-digit or even four-digit amounts are completely excessive. If you need an emergency lock because your own lock is damaged or your key has been stolen, this will of course cost extra. If you need a locksmith in an emergency, it is best to ask for a fixed price in advance over the phone - more tips for emergencies can be found below. 

When can the locksmith open the door?

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The locksmith has to make sure that he does not open the door for a stranger. Therefore, often an identification requirement can apply: you have prove to the locksmith that it is really your residence. If your identification papers are in the apartment, you can still show them after the door has been opened. In case of doubt, neighbors can also be questioned. 

Who pays the locksmith (in case of a defective lock or loss of keys)?

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You need a locksmith - who pays? Essentially, you have to pay for the costs of a locksmith yourself. However, there are a number of ways to protect yourself in advance, for example by taking out an emergency homeowners and renters policy with your insurance company, or by using Home Cover from Livy Plus. 

Which insurance will cover a locksmith? 

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A standard homeowners insurance does not cover the costs of a locksmith or an emergency lock. However, you can take out an emergency homeowners and renters policy in addition to your standard homeowners insurance, so that your insurance will pay for a locksmith. The emergency homeowners and renters insurance will also cover other costs, such as heating or sanitary emergencies. 

Home Cover from Livy Plus: All-round protection even without homeowners insurance

If you don't have homeowners insurance, or if you are looking for particularly cheap and uncomplicated coverage for emergency situations, the Home Cover packages are a convenient solution for you: You are completely covered for only 15-25 € per year  - not only for the locksmith in an emergency, but also in case of water damage, after burglaries, problems with your heating, and more. 

5 tips on how to avoid potentially high costs with a locksmith

What is there to consider when you hire a locksmith? These five tips will help you to be well prepared and act correctly in case of emergency. 

1. Leave a spare key with friends or neighbors.

Therefore, you do not need to call a locksmith in the middle of the night and you can save on those costs. 

2. Use a profile cylinder lock with an emergency and danger function.

Such a lock can still be unlocked from the outside, even if a key is inserted from the inside.

3. Turn to a trusted provider.

If you really need a locksmith: make sure you choose a local provider (to save on travel costs) and that the provider is trustworthy. You can do this for example via the Livy App.

4. Arrange a fixed price in advance

Therefore, you can prevent enormous bills from being issued to you without any authorization. 

5. Avoid paying in cash.

Do not pay until you have received a professional and complete invoice, and do not let the locksmith force you to pay in cash. If necessary, get the assistance of a neighbor and do not hesitate to call the police. Coercion is punishable by law! 

What you get with the locksmith coverage from Home Cover

For less than 2 € per month you can insure yourself against loss of keys and many other emergencies in your apartment or home. If you have lost your key or locked yourself out, Home Cover offers you the following advantages: 

• Only certified providers
• Cost coverage of up to 500€, three times a year
• Emergency lock included
• Emergency service around the clock, also at night and on weekends
• Contact services easy and fast via the Livy App
More coverage for your home? Find out more about Home Cover from Livy Plus.