Livy Protect: Smart Fire Protection and Security For Your Home

The Smart Ring from Livy Protect combines various intelligent functions in one device. Thanks to the integrated motion detector, smart smoke detection and the WLAN module, the Smart Ring offers comprehensive fire and burglary protection for your home. In addition, the Smart Ring checks the room climate via the Air Monitor. Any abnormalities are conveniently reported via the Livy App - no matter where you are. 

Safe, simple and modern: The technology behind the Livy Smart Ring

Burglary protection
Motion detector

The motion detector alerts you to unwanted movement, no matter where you are. At the same time, the pet detection system prevents false alarms.

Fire protection
Alarm recognition

Through tone recognition, the Smart Ring notices when your Livy Protect smoke detector is activated and immediately notifies you and your community on your smartphone.

Warning notification
Alarm signal

The siren in the Smart Ring both frightens off unwanted guests in case of an alarm and audibly tells you if something is wrong.

Air Monitor

With the temperature sensor, you can provide greater well-being and a pleasant room climate in your home.

Air Monitor

The humidity sensor gives you information about the relative humidity in the room. This will help you to avoid mold or colds caused by dry air.

Air Monitor
Air Quality

The air quality sensor measures the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air and tells you when it's time to thoroughly air out your room.

Smart connection

The Smart Ring connects directly to your WLAN router (2.4 GHz) and requires no additional gateway for communication.


In just a few steps, you can quickly and easily connect your Smart Ring to your smartphone and install it with Bluetooth LE 4.2.

6 - 8 month battery life

The Smart Ring is battery powered and needs to be recharged a maximum of 2 times per year.

What can the combination of Smart Ring and Smoke Detector do?

The two-part Livy Protect system, consisting of Smoke Detector and Smart Ring, combines fire protection with burglary protection: The smoke detector detects smoke development and triggers a siren in case of an alarm, which then warns you and your neighbors. The Smart Ring, in turn, detects the acoustic signal of the siren via audio frequency recognition, and sends you a message via the Livy App so that you can immediately react. The Smart Ring will also inform you about unusual movements in your home. If you're not around, you can even let your neighbors and friends know. 
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Never alone again in an emergency: How the Livy App works

With the Livy App, you can always keep an eye on your home. So that you're not alone in an emergency, you can add friends, family members and neighbors to your community in the app.

You're on a business trip? Let the App notify your neighbor if smoke or movement is detected in your home. Or notify a few friends when you go home to check on things. In an emergency, you can use the app to directly contact the police and fire department.

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Installation: Getting your Smart Ring up and running is as easy as this
Your Smart Ring does most of the work itself: Thanks to firmware updates, you're always protected and can use newly developed features for your Smart Ring immediately.

To use the smart features, connect the Livy App to the Smart Ring via Bluetooth. Then enter your WLAN password and the App will guide you through the easy configuration in just a few steps. And you're done!

Do you have pets or do you want to fine-tune the motion detector for other reasons? If so, the App gives you more options so you can customize the Smart Ring to fit your needs.

Connect Bluetooth

Enter Wifi Password

Customize Individually

Would you like to learn more about the features of Livy Protect?

Smart Fire Protection

The two-part system - the Smoke Detector connected with the Smart Ring - warns you reliably of smoke development.

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Smart Burglary Protection

With Livy Protect, a simple motion detector becomes a smart home alarm system that immediately informs you in case of unusual movements - no matter where you are.

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Air Monitor

With the Air Monitor from Livy Protect, you can always keep an eye on the air quality in your home. The smart Livy App tells you when your indoor climate is just right or when it's time to air out your premises.

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Livy Protect for 0,- Euro*

Now exclusively for Vattenfall customers: When you sign an electricity or gas contract, you will receive Livy Protect for 0,- Euro*.

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*If you sign a Natur24 or Easy 24 Energy Supply contract with Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH, together with a sales contract for a Livy Protect alarm device, you will receive the Livy Protect alarm device for 0 € instead of the 180 € purchase price, if the energy supply contract is for at least 24 months. if the energy supply contract is for at least 24 months. You can find further conditions and information on our website