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Neighborly Help: We Are Stronger Together

How well do you know your neighbors? You may not even know the names of all the people who live in your house, especially if you live in a big city. What a pity - because neighborhood help can have advantages for us all. After all, since everyone is good at something different, one can give another support or even achieve more security within the neighborhood. But how does that work? 

We take a closer look at the topic of neighborhood help and answer these and other questions.

Neighborly help can do all of this

The classic example is the missing egg for the already half-finished cake: It's worth asking your neighbor if he has one in his fridge. But the possibilities are by no means exhausted. 

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This is how much potential a neighbor helping another neighbor has:

Domestic help

For older people in particular, help from the neighbourhood can mean that they can stay in their own home for even longer and they don't have to move to a nursing home. But it doesn't always have to be shopping or cleaning: Can you perhaps help a neighbor set up a new computer and have a shelf installed in return?

Pet Sitting

People who have pets usually need help during their holidays. For the neighbour, who only needs to move quickly to the next apartment, the effort is minimal. Or you can take the neighbor's dog with you on your own walk.

Flea Markets and Swap Meets

You need a cordless screwdriver or have an old bicycle to give away? Thanks to help in the neighbourhood you can all save a lot of time and money. By the way, the latest trend is food sharing: throw less away and protect the environment!

Communal Actions

Joint garden maintenance activities and also outdoor barbecues bring you closer together as neighbors. Or how about inviting each other for dinner? Surely there are different national cuisines to discover in your neighbourhood. This way you can expand your cultural horizons together.

Neighborhood Protection

No matter how well your own home is secured - many people simply feel better if someone checks up on things from time to time. Thanks to a functioning neighborhood assistance service, you can go out in the evening or take a longer holiday. Did you know that there are already digital solutions that can monitor your home while you're on the move - and notify your neighbors in case of an emergency? Digital neighborhood assistance, so to speak! 

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Neighborhoods create variety - and security

How does being a good neighbor affect our lives? It is clear that we feel safer in our neighborhood if we know our neighbors and get along with them well. A little chat in the stairwell or a barbecue together in the backyard also creates variety and a sense of community: we are neighbours! 

Especially for older people, neighbors are often the only people they still see regularly. Often, children have moved away or are very busy at work, and good friends may already have passed away. Neighborly help is a good remedy against loneliness.

However, the younger generation also wants company: In a study, almost a third of those surveyed in the youngest age group (14-29 years) said that they would like to have more contact with their neighbours. And while we are on the subject of studies: American scientists even believe they have found a connection between good neighborliness and a lower risk of heart attacks!
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Digital Neighborly Help: The App from Livy Protect

Do you already know the Community Function from Livy? With your Livy App for neighborly help, you can connect with your neighbors (or even with friends or family) so that you're never alone in an emergency.
What can the Livy App do for neighborly help?  
The Livy App, which is connected to your smart home from Livy Protect, alerts you and your community if smoke develops in your home or unexpected movements are noticed - even if you are on the road or on vacation, for example. This way, your neighbors can come to your aid in an emergency or just check if everything is okay. Therefore, you can enjoy your free time with peace of mind. 
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Who can I connect to in the Livy App? 
That's for you to decide. For example, you can add friends or neighbours to your community. You can also assign different roles to each member of your community, so you can decide whether they should receive only one notification or even have access to all alert features. 
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Livy Protect for neighborhood protection and more security

With Smart Home from Livy Protect, you harness the power of your community so you can always feel safe, wherever you are. 

Of course you can also provide digital neighborly help yourself: Just let your neighbors add you to their community in the Livy App and help your neighborhood become more secure. 
Here you can learn more about Livy Protect:

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