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The Smoke Detector From Livy: Safety For Your Home

The correct term for a smoke detector is "smoke detector" and it is also often called "fire alarm" or "fire protection detector". The function is always the same: The smoke detector detects smoke development in the house or apartment and is therefore an important part of fire protection. Especially at night, a smoke detector protects against being surprised by a fire while sleeping. Therefore, at least the bedroom, children's room as well as corridors and escape routes should be equipped with smoke detectors. 

Buying a smoke detector: What you should pay attention to

If you want to buy a smoke detector, you should attach importance its certification according to DIN EN 14604. Fire detectors with this certification meet certain requirements which ensure more safety and are necessary to fulfil the smoke detector obligation. These include, for example, the volume of the warning signal, which must be at least 85 decibels. In addition, appropriately certified smoke detectors are equipped with a lithium battery with a service life of 10 years.

Here are the advantages of the Livy Smoke Detector:

DIN EN 14604 certified
Red LED for indications
Warning alarm over 85 decibels 
Easy mounting with dowels and screws
10-year battery life
Elegant, unobtrusive design
Test button to check functionality
Expandable for smart application

How the photoelectric Livy Smoke Detector works

Photoelectric smoke detectors work according to the scattered light method. To do this, they emit an infrared light beam that remains invisible to the human eye and therefore does not disturb anyone. In addition, a sensor is built into the smoke detector which reacts to this infrared light. 

If smoke develops, the infrared light is scattered in the air due to the smoke particles that hits the sensor - the smoke detector detects the danger and triggers a loud acoustic signal. This early warning, in case of a fire, can save lives.

The advantage of a photoelectric smoke detector is that it reacts reliably when smoke is detected, but is not inadvertently triggered by cigarette smoke, for example. 

The smart system of smoke detector and Smart Ring

The smoke detector is the basis of the two-piece set of Livy Protect and, when used alone, acts as a standard fire alarm. Further functions are added when the smoke detector is supplemented by the Livy Smart Ring. This way you can be informed via smartphone when the smoke detector is triggered or monitor the temperature and air quality in your rooms. Motion detectors and thus burglary protection are also among the extended functions of the Smart Ring. 
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Did you know that there is a smoke detector requirement?

With Livy Protect, you are choosing a smoke detector that reliably detects fire smoke and complies with legal requirements. Thanks to the uncomplicated assembly, professional installation is easy to do. The simple operation and the long battery life also save you from unnecessary maintenance work. Last but not least, the smoke detector offers a high degree of security against false alarms.

Important: Did you know that smoke alarms are mandatory in all 16 German states? As the owner or landlord, you are therefore responsible for equipping your property with smoke detectors. But also as a tenant it can make sense to buy additional smoke detectors, even if your landlord has already equipped the prescribed rooms with smoke detectors. Here you can find out more about the mandatory smoke detectors.

Get to know the Livy Smart Ring

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